Thursday, September 3, 2009

One time...

"Ethan, tell me a story"
"Ok. Um. One time... a mouse went outside. Then a big big fox hurt her. Ouch! The fox went TIME OUT. Then he said WahWah Wah! No Scratching!"
"That was a great story. Will you tell me another story?"
"Um... One time the itsy bitsy spider went up the water... clock. It fell in the light and burn its eyes. Ouch!"
"Oh yikes- it burned its eyes?"
"Yep. One time ... the itsy bitsy spider went up the clouds. And then it popped them. Like a balloon the clouds."

"Night-night Ethan, I love you. No more stalling."

"Mommy, let me see yours ring."

"Ok, but go to sleep."

"Where you get yours ring?"

"From Daddy"

"I gonna get a ring?"

"Maybe. One day when you get married."

"Like when I'm big?"


"Well, I'm big now. I'm in Karina's class."

These boys make me laugh so much. Wrestling has gotten nuts now that Lucas has learned to climb and body dive onto the McQueen couch. He loves being flung around and Ethan loves doing it. All I hear all night long are dinasour squeals and shrieks. I live in the paleolithic period?

Lucas had his 1 year checkup today. 3 shots, but he was a pro and refused to keep on the bandaids. He's a tough guy. He was 50%ile in both height and weight - 23 pounds and 29.75in. His head was still the 97th %ile. Gigantor.

Almost a 3 day weekend!! So very exciting!


McConnels said...

AWESOME stories! Maybe he'll tell me some!

Sarah said...

Big head for his big brain ;)