Thursday, June 3, 2010


"What's it say mom?"
"Um, I think it says 'Goodbye Ethan - have so much fun with your daddy!"
"No. It doesn't say that. Does it?"
Every time we drive past this place, Ethan asks me what the sign says. I make something up that the builders are saying to him - like he's the boss. He loves it. I love it! I'll miss this spot.

Ethan's song this morning:
"I'm mad... I'm happy... I"m mad... I'm happy."
His song to his teacher today:
"It's gonna break my heart to leave you..... I love Miss Karina....."We're emotionally fragile right now. Had to say goodbye to good friends Wednesday night in our last dinner out....
Then today with my kids.... It's always hard to say goodbye, but knowing this was the last time I'd run the halls (literally, it's a tradition), last class at my school, it broke my heart. Such amazing kids this year.
And then a goodbye to our daycare director tonight. Ethan hugs her, lays in her lap and says, "I'm going to miss you so much Becky." Me too kiddo. We love that place and the people there. I am excited that we have lots of suprises tomorrow for our daycare family - a cake, presents for all their teachers, and a catered breakfast for the staff. Ethan's class is having a big party at 3 - they're old enough to understand and be sad.
On the other hand - we cannot wait to be with Daddy again. It is so hard without him and we cannot wait to get to see him everyday. There's just a lot of emotional upheaval to get through first. All worth it, but you know.
So tomorrow is goodbye to my school family, and daycare family. I'm not sure I'll get through it, but I don't think I have a choice.
NO MORE CRYING!!! I am so sick of crying.

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