Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Happy Happy Day

Started the morning with lots of Happy Birthday e-mails and messages, along with the delcious (according to Ethan) breakfast. He was sooooo excited to see his pile of presents.

Lucas got one little gift - some play keys, and Ethan got some animal cards, cars, and a Cars board game. He was pretty stinkin' happy, though will not let anyone forget that he has one more on the counter for when daddy gets here.
His teacher made him a crown and he got to bring "hot fire dragon cookies" (oreos with red filling) to daycare for his class. He wanted to share one with Lucas, so Miss Karina sent him to his door. This is what Lucas' teachers told me: "We heard a pounding at the door and Ethan was screaming - hey guys! It's me Ethan, let me in! We let him in and he held out a half-eaten cookie and said 'this is for wucas.' and then he ran off."
Sugar high. And then some.
We met Ethan's friend for dinner - and brought her birthday presents with us (we missed her birthday party a month ago). Ethan picked out a nice shirt and a very girly phone for her. They pretended to call each other as they giggled over dinner.
Lucas had a rough time. He was a little green-eyed monster - monster being a very appropriate word.
After the big kids were done with the phone, he asked for it. After being told "Not with messy hands", he shoved the ice cream away and shouted, "DONE!" Phone beats ice cream. This is not my son!
Ethan looooved being sung to. He had the biggest grin plastered across his face. What a fun night! Thanks guys!
The sugar rush continued as we returned lots of phone calls and got ready for bed. Lucily they went to bed pretty easily - Let's hope they stay that way!
A great day! We missed Daddy lots, but are soooo glad he'll be here tomorrow night.

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