Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Purse

Some exciting things this week - Lucas started saying his color words. He's so intentional with his pronunciation, gets his face all contorted. Love it.

I passed certification for WA state - yippee! No more tests.
We paid off Brian's last student loan. 1 more for me. Dave Ramsey is one inspiring guy.
We had a blast last night at our friends' house at a taco/dominoes party. The kids (there were many) were hilarious- one slight catastrophe after another. Lots of laughing.
Lucas insisted on bringing his "bag". He wants to take it everywhere. He also wants to take his cabbage patch doll who is currently missing his clothes, but we have to draw the line somewhere.

I see the convenience. However...
Ethan was the oldest - loved playing with all of Nadia's toys - especially the bean bags.
Though Brian took over the bean bag game- maybe Santa needs to bring him one? Today we head to Seattle for a Mariner's game - really fun for the boys and I'll have fun watching them. For now, I have a few quick things to do for school before we take off.

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