Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cheetos and Rootbeer

It was such a crazy, busy week... I figured the boys and I should do something fun Friday night. Every day we drive past another corn maze with big signs advertising their world famous kettle corn and fun maze. It was blustery and grey out, but we went for it. What's better than dinner at a corn maze? Except their food tent had apparently blown down and they weren't making any food. All they had was chips and soda.
The boys were thrilled. They both got their own can and Lucas was just thrilled. Once I gave it to him (after dumping/drinking about half), it would not come out of his little hands for anything.
We didn't make it to all the checkpoints this time - only bothered Ethan - but we did get sufficiently lost for a good hour and loved wandering around inspecting the corn stalks.

Saturday we ran around all morning - important things to do! We squeezed some fun in there too - the touch tanks at the Science Center, pizza slices (where Ethan announced to the store "Hey this is like a date!", and various other things. We came back to nap and the boys crashed hard. And so did I. Oops.
Last night our friends came over (my parents are staying in Seattle for the weekend) and I had too much fun to remember to take any pictures. The kids ran around playing with every single toy they had, and we played games and laughed a lot.
A perfect Saturday evening! I was asleep by 9.
Last week of Swim Lessons. Dance lessons are over. And yet this week may be the craziest yet. A pumpkin painting party, conferences, life in general. Am I ready? No. But I will be. I hope.

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