Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Sunday Afternoon + Corn Maze+ Friends

The two big kids led the way.
Lucas was ready to call for help if we got lost.

We checked off ALL 6 checkpoints.

Some tears over taking turns, and at one point we lost our friends!

We stopped to pose for pictures.

Searched for our friends.

Got a little nervous.

Reconciled over chips.

Shared so well on the bikes.

Took pictures with the pumpkins.

Tried to get everyone looking the same way...

Slung some pumpkins!
Really really far! = Had a blast!

Tonight... Pumpkins + Paint + Qtips

Such careful boys.
Works of Art!

I heart fall!


Katie said...

LOVE those picts and boys!!! miss 'em much!!!

Anonymous said...

That's a great picture of Ethan and his friend on the bike! Love and miss you all!