Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Warned You!

There are a million pictures... Ok I exaggerate a little....
"Look mom, I can use a knife, you just saw saw saw saw."
He even taught his brother. One plate of french fries at a mexican restaurant never took so long to eat....

"A Bumpkin! I paint, see?!"
So much glue... so so much glue.... and markers.... their hands were beautiful. Lucas also enjoyed the candy box they had out. They were supposed to take one... He did... And then he spent the night taking candy up to every adult he could find to try to con them into opening it for him. I finally gave in to piece #2 for the mercy of all those there....

Wednesday was a behavior assembly where the staff did a rap.... I was very cool.... heh. I didn't bring any rapping clothes, so luckily I could fit into one of my kid's sweatshirts and another kid's hat. I love teaching. Friday night - Trick or Treat Street at my school. My boys were all decked out and ready.
Ethan loved telling people that he had a "trash can helmet" I think Lucas was frightened by himself, but got over it once there was candy involved.
Ethan was an old pro - knew just what to do. Captain Sprague to the rescue!
Lucas wanted to be right in the middle of it all night - as long as I was close by.
The dance was crazy, loud, chaotic... Ethan learned the cha-cha slide and can cha-cha real smooth now.... Lucas just wanted to be all the way at the front, but in my arms. That boy is getting really big to hold that long!
Saturday - Book Fair at Barnes & Noble, where Ethan met the famous Madeline! He'd never heard her stories before, but was completely entranced by the way my principal read it and interacted with them. He also heard two stories by the husband of a woman I teach with - who is a children's author! That was really neat for Ethan to see - how making up your own stories can lead to writing books!
Then it was Uma's birthday party. Lucas sat on Nana's lap for about an hour - wouldn't let go! He kept reading the Brown Bear book over and over.
Brian and Ethan decorated the caterpillar cake -creepy!
Uma opened her presents and then we moved to the serious business of carving pumpkins.. Neither boy minded getting messy this year- fun!
The boys went outside and trick or treated for Nana - loved the treats!
And it's only just Halloween now~!
Naps for all. That's an order.

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