Sunday, October 17, 2010

No title coming to mind...

This week was a sort of enigma. I know it happened, but I can't seem to remember much from it. Ethan spent lots of time working on his reading and is doing awesome. I've never worked with a kid on reading from th bottom up and it is so exciting! He loves it, though he gets tired and wiggly after a bit.
Lucas has 3 molars coming in and is a bit of a mess. I did take him in to get checked and his ears are great. So, it's just the teeth. He's been a bit moody, but very talkative. He is finally willing to try saying different words and is picking them up quickly. His favorite new activity is torturing his older brother.
I love it when he tells Ethan to "Sush!" Then they get in the shushing wars and it always ends badly. But at the beginning it's funny. Last night the boys were full on wrestling each other. Also funny. And suprisingly never went to the crying stage.
Yesterday we worked all morning at my school and then just relaxed all afternoon/evening. Which creates a problem for today. It's so frustrating. If I ever take time to relax, the next day is a bit crazy because I'm behind on my work. But if I don't take time to relax, I just get more and more neurotic. Someday I'll find the balance, right? I mean, it has to come eventually, right? When the boys are 18?

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