Monday, October 4, 2010

Dead Weight

Fun Sunday... Started with a picnic on the ferry, where Lucas learned how to drive his brother nuts by touching him with food-covered hands. "THE PEANUT BUTTER TOUCH!!!"
A (long) walk to Daddy's work - peeking in the windows to see his workstation.
Ethan was so ready for the game. He even had a mitt signed by the famous "Kevin Air McLean." A legend that guy was~
We walked forever, and his poor little legs were feeling it, so every now and then he'd just squat down for a little bit. And then keep right on going. My little trooper.
We were way up high. I could barely see. The boys loved it though. Especially Lucas whose "Cheese" this time came out frightening. I tried several times to get a good picture of him, but he was too excited about the kettle corn. He also loved cheering along with the crowd. He may have very well been the most enthusiastic fan there.
The boys were great. Ethan was so tired he came up to me halfway through the game and said, "I'm really tired. Can I go to sleep now?" And he did. Slept on my for about an hour. Slept right on down the millions of stairs and out the stadium. So sweet to get to snuggle him. So painful on my arms. That boy is heavy when he's asleep.

They were great all the way home. An awesome day.

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