Thursday, June 9, 2011

Almost the End...

Weather has been fabulous.... making all of those end of the year tasks that much tougher to get done! Last weekend we played outside a lot! The boys love playing with all the bikes the previous renters left (along with all of ours - we look like a daycare outside...)
Lucas and Ethan pulled out all the "gym" equipment from the basement too - as well as the duvet cover that they laid down on.

Saturday morning Ethan started ice skating. He was kind of nervous when we got there - especially when I told him that there is quite a bit of falling when you first start ice skating.

But he loved it. He kept at it, moving ever so slowly, and improved so much over the half hour.

I thought he would be frustrated and want to give up, but it was the opposite. He loved it!

Later that afternoon, we went rollerskating with Nadia and Sonia. I think the kids liked the arcade games more, but it was fun.

Lucas, however, was not a fan at all. He just wanted to be held, which led to Brian getting in trouble with the rink police.

Afterwards we were treated to delicious homeade pizza! The kids loved being served through the kitchen window! Ethan was way overdressed and had to borrow Nadia's tank top - hilarious!

We did fondue for dessert and ate way too much. Yum.

On our way home we gained a new family member. Meet Alpha, our Betta. He and Lucas are good friends - though he pretty much just hides in his tree.

This week was crazy. Pure crazy. I'm getting ready for report cards, end of year projects, and the talent show at school. Stressed out mommy means stressed out kids! We've all needed a few time outs. These suckers from Miss Nancy cracked me up!

And tonight Ethan made a poster for share day. I love it. He's gotten so good with cutting! I could not believe how straight it all was. I was also impressed he didn't give up writing out the names. He doesn't usually like to write more than a word or two at a time. So proud.

Many adventures to come! Stay tuned!

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lois sprague said...

Now I get it! It's all of his pets!When I saw it on he phone, I couldn't tell what it was. VERY GOOD Ethan....I'm proud of you!