Thursday, June 30, 2011

Since then....

Boys have been getting themselves into all sorts of interesting situations.... This one took some doing to get out of....
We spent lots of time at the Y - especially on the kiddie water slide. That is a big hit. Except that it means that I am standing in front of the entryway to the entire building in my bathing suit. That is not my favorite way to greet people. Whoever designed that entryway needs to re-evaluate the situation.
Yesterday we got to meet our friends at the park, including our friend who is just about ready to have a baby. She kept telling Ethan it was a soccer ball under her shirt, not a baby. Lucas was seriously pondering whether she could be telling the truth or not. But she made delicious cookies, so he was won over.
The highlight of the park was the wildlife. They liked chasing the squirrells especially. This squirrell kept running down everytime they'd go away and then the kids would see it and chase it back up the tree. At one point they were running circles around the tree, chasing Mr. Squirrell. They tried to climb it too, but it didn't really work.
It was great to chat with Dawn and Amy and to watch the kids going nuts together. One of their brighter ideas was to all pile onto the tricycle together. This led to a few crashes, but a whole lot of laughing in the meantime.
And now we are having a lazy day. Lucas has a bit of a fever and we're all prepping for our big 4th of July plans.

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