Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Last 3 days of the G-pas...

Saturday we hit all our regular lessons and then were off to the trains! It was fun to take our friends and Grammy and Grandpa with us. We went around and around and around.
Lucas kept doing a mini fistpump when we were done and shouting "Let's do it a-GAIN!"
We rode in every combination possible. The last time around it was pretty empty and the train kept falling off the tracks. That made it all that much more exciting!
Trying to get a picture of the four kids is never easy and this time was especially troublesome.
We also made use of their very cool playground. It even has a train part with a train whistle. That was a big hit. Bigger still was the "Daddy Chase Me" game. That's always the winner.
We headed out to go and get some yummy dinner at A &W when we were done. Interesting service, but the food was really good. We got home and I headed out to the garden to do some work. We have so much lettuce and SO MANY radishes! We also have lots of weeds. Yuck.
Sunday was all about Cars 2. The boys did great at the movie, even though it was a bit suspenseful. Lucas got really squirrelly about 2/3 of the way through and finally fell asleep on me. What a treat! We liked the movie a lot - the spy twist was fun.
At some point, though I'm not sure which morning.... I filled up the boys' water guns and they had a lot of fun squirting Grandpa and Daddy. Lots and lots of giggles.
Of course Grandpa got revenge with the hose, but they all had fun.
Monday was our last day together. To distract us from the sadness, we headed to the zoo. The tigers were a big hit, as always. We've gotten to watch them grow up - so fast!There was the 1st camel ride of the year. Ethan's an old pro.But this was Lucas' first time and he was SO excited and proud for going. My big boy!We watched the big summer show - and it once again starred our favorite dog actor, Harold.And then we headed to the traveling exhibit, "The Scoop on Poop". Obviously a hit with the boys.But the biggest excitement of all, even bigger than the playground, were the newborn clouded leopards. They were two weeks old and adorable. We had to wait in line to see them, and then move through pretty quickly, but it was worth it for Ethan's reaction. He was overwhelmed with the cuteness.So sad to say bye to Grammy and Grandpa, but what a great week and a half! We hope they are resting and recovering! Thanks so much for coming! We had a blast!

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