Monday, June 20, 2011

The G's Are Here!

Friday was the last day of school = exhaustion! But, it didn't matter because as Ethan wrote above, "Grammy and Grandpa are coming!" And then he drew their transformer airplane. They got in late Friday night, we were all asleep, but the boys were in there early the next morning!
We started the morning by admiring our butterflies. You can see that the butterflies release a red fluid called meconium when the come out of the chrysalis - no it's not a butterfly massacre...
We played and played and then were off to ice skating lessons. Ethan continues to amaze me with his perseverance. I am so proud of him. Lucas spent the time making a bus out of the chairs in the lobby and taking us different places. "I take these babies. Fow (four) babies. To da store." The babies cried a lot I think. After that we headed to eat at a local sandwich shop. The food wasn't that good, but the Trivial Pursuit was.
After naps Ethan and I headed to Nadia's dance recital. Ethan loved the color theme and was so excited to see Nadia up there. He brought her some pretty flowers, but was a bit embarrassed after he handed them over. Actually I think he was just overwhelmed by all the tutus. I thought she was adorable.I love this shot - they look like they're at a junior high dance. Love his expression.
Sunday was Father's Day, of course, and so we had to put together a present. Let me introduce you to the dads...Looks just like them... I like that both Upa and Grandpa are looking irritated with Brian....We did church, naps, and then were off to Uma and Upas for a grand reunion after 8 years of not seeing both sides of the family together! The guys were excited to spend some time together!They liked their gifts a lot. We all laughed at the likeness.... We got a great shot of the grandparents and Nana. Special people.This is not an overly flattering shot, but great to see us all together.
The boys loved rough-housing with their daddy on Father's Day. He made a good horsie.Today Brian and I both had to work, so the G's were up for babysitting. They played lots and Lucas even strung a necklace of beads! Proud mama! Despite a bit of trouble getting down for naps, they had a great day. After they woke up, we headed off to the bug museum to get another set of caterpillars... They had some great props there!We made our purchase and then I realized we were pretty close to the Airport Diner, so we went.... The boys loved the airplanes - lots and lots of airplanes taking off and landing today! They weren't too interested in their food until grandpa started flying the spoon "Plane" into the hangar (mouth.) That was a hit.Ethan was all about the cheesy faces.
After we got home it was time to release the butterflies. They were excited but wanted so badly to hold them. Ethan had the idea to get the flower in there.It worked and he was so gentle (Lucas too!). Most only stayed for a few seconds before they werre off.One hung out on Brian's leg for a bit. But this one was my favorite. He just hung out on the flowers for quite awhile, letting us observe.A little bit of magic in the backyard on a Monday night.

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