Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thursday and Friday... Tired Yet?

Thursday we headed over to Poulsbo. Lunch was at J.J.'s fish house and was delicious. The boys were thrilled to get little sea creature toys and both ate really well. That sea air does wonders for the appetite!Next up was a trip to the Marine Science Center to check on all our favorite creatures. I was proud of the boys - they actually touched a sea star!The crab was another story. There was no touching of the hermit crab. They did, however, enjoy watching it scurry back to the water.
A stop at Sluy's Bakery and then over to Uma and Upa's to nap. We adults sat in the sun reading for the afternoon. It was gorgeous and so relaxing!
Friday was Seattle day. We took Grammy and Grandpa to the ferry early, so they could do the tourist stuff while the boys took a nice nap at home. Then onto the ferry we went.
Normally we would walk to Pioneer Square and then take the light rail to Westlake to pick up the monorail there, but I was feeling ambitious (read stupid) and we decided to walk to Westlake. I was amazed at how well the boys did. I only carried Lucas up the big hills and Ethan walked the entire way. They did not even whine! We finally made it onto the monorail and then met up with G and G on the other side to head to the Science Center. We saw all the cool exhibits, including the featured "Goosebumps, the Science of Fear" where I was startled far too many times to be healthy.... But, the highlight (for me anyway) was the Butterfly House. After reading all our books on butterflies and raising our own, it was fun to see so many all together. I was transfixed.We met up with Daddy and started the "short" walk to dinner at our favorite, Buca di Beppo. It was short on the map, but the map did not tell the whole story. We had to go over and under different streets, right next to some big ol' traffic. It was an adventure... and to top it off the restaurant had a 45 minute wait. Oops. We broke out the ipod/droid apps and kept the boys busy while we waited for our dinner. I was not missing this pasta! And boy was it delicious. We had great conversation and then headed back toward the Seattle Center. Problem was, we realized we were not going to make the ferry we wanted. Sooooo.... I begged and pleaded and used the "I'm almost 30" excuse to get everyone to help me cross something off my bucket list....
I'd never been and really wanted to go! It was so cool up there - you could see everything. It was a bit drizzly, but that just made it more iconic-Seattle.
See, it was worth it :) Happy 30th (almost) to me!It took us a monorail, lightrail, and 10:30 ferry to get home, but that all was the highlight for Lucas. The boy loves his different forms of transportation.The boys have never ever been up that late, and we paid for it a bit the next day, but what a cool adventure!

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