Thursday, June 16, 2011

I know.....

I have not disappeared - I promise! It is just the last week of school and I have a million and one things going on. We've been prepping Talent Show stuff every night as well as problem-solving my students' PowerPoint portfolios of the year. It's taken a LOT of time - but well worth it. I have managed to grow a salad.... Not that I've been home to actually eat it. Tomorrow is the last day - then my sanity should be somewhat restored. Plus we have Grammy and Grandpa coming! So exciting!

I'll be back soon - I promise. I have great pictures of our adventures last week and all sorts of stories about Ethan's massive crush on his teacher - the teacher he must say good-bye to tomorrow. I'm sure there will be a scene. My boy he has a big heart.

Until then, bloggy friends~

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