Thursday, August 20, 2009


"Ethan, come here and give me a hug!"
"No mommy, I go potty first."
I pout and look sad.
"It's okay Mommy. I comin' right back. I just go potty first."
I still look sad.
He runs over, puts his hand on my cheek, looks me in the eye and says, "It's okay sweetie, I come right back, okay?"
My heart melts.
Ethan has NOT been sleeping well at night, so we're all a little on edge. And with me going back to work today, there's a lot going on! But he is so sweet!
And Lucas, he's taking steps all over the place. It's still only a few at a time, but he can start and stop and took 10 in a row when I picked him up today. My boy!
We got to have dinner at the McConnel's tonight and Lucas and Liam were acting the best of friends. One would pass the keys to the other (and then want them back 30 seconds later) - a definite first step to sharing. Liam has gotten so big! I think he and Lucas are pretty close to the same weight now. Love it!
Tomorrow is our back to school staff and family BBQ - too fun! And then a restful (yeah right) weekend...

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