Sunday, August 30, 2009

Best Friends

The party was great - very low-key, but luckily Lucas' best friend Todd was there. The cake turned out cute. Of course, Ethan "borrowed" the cars when we were done.
Ethan also "borrowed" the rest of the gifts too. Such a nice brother...

Today we took some of Lucas' birthday money and bought a year's membership to the zoo. We figure it's a good place for us to hang out after church - and a great place to bring a picnic lunch. Lucas was toddling all over the place but not too interested in the animals. Ethan just sucked it all up into that brain. He loved spying the animals and showing everyone (and by everyone I mean everyone within the 100 yard distance that his voice carried to).

Lucas really loved crawling on the fake animals. Unfortunately none of the pics of Brian with the kids came out - good thing because I really need to cut his hair!

Ethan and I got to take a boat to Africa. It was short and slow, but he loved it. I did too. He kept yelling "We're almost to Africa!" and then when we got there, "We're in Africa!" When we decided it was time to go, he was concerned that it was too long to walk and so we better take the boat again. I thought that was hilarious.
My baby is no longer a baby! And my big boy? Even bigger. Aye-yai-yai. I'm going to bed - one happy mama.

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