Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Lucas!!!

Dear Lucas... One year ago today you were so tiny. You were so cooperative and came so easily (well, except for the many many many hours of labor). You were so sweet and cuddly and slept all the time. You smelled so good and felt so warm and snuggly. Today? You are a mess! You are loud and squawky, and slept almost none at all (it was your birthday after all). You never sit still, toddling from one place to another hording whatever is your newfound treasure (fork, broom, dog bowl, etc.) You are still warm and snuggly, if I can get you to stay with me for more than a few seconds.
I wouldn't trade you for anything! You are such a sweet boy- I love you so much! Happy first birthday Lucas!

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Anonymous said...

Happy 1st Birthday my beautiful Nephew! Love you bunches!!!

Aunt Angie