Sunday, August 16, 2009

Getting Bigger...

"Mom... I'm getting bigger."
"You are getting bigger Ethan, lots bigger!"
"Yeah. I'm eating lots of..... (thinks)"
"Yeah. Foods. I growing bigger. I be in Karina's class soon- when I get bigger."
He really is growing up. I got him some new soap for his bathroom and now he uses the potty and washes his hands all by himself. I put some bath toys in the sink and that keeps him washing. Lightning McQueen loves getting a car wash! Ethan moves up to the next class in a couple of weeks. I decided he needs to be doing more on his own - getting dressed, washing hands, clearing the table, etc. He is doing great! He even helped clean up the living room with me before bed. Of course, he got distracted and was practicing writing his name on some paper (still just scribbles, but he tells me what it says.) My boy is growing bigger!

Lucas only has 2 more weeks of babyhood! So, he's practicing his driving skills. I had to switch him to the 18 month clothes- killed me! He's sitting at the table in a booster seat when it's not too messy of a meal, he really likes that. And the boy eats. And he eats. And he eats. He's still just taking 3-4 steps here and there before dropping to the floor and crawling. His new favorite hang out place- the couch. He stays up there forever, which would be great except every now and then he dives off the front. So I have to stay close. And keep shoving him back up there. It's exhausting. Oh, and he gets fixated witih things now and carts them around everywhere. Used to be just remotes, phones... yesterday - a fork. I got stabbed so many many times. But just try to get it from him- he's strong! And stubborn (totally not from me).

I have 3 more days until I'm officially back to work. I wish I could say I was going to be livin' it up, but I'll be working on getting my room ready. I don't want to stay late any of those first few days, so I'm doing what I can now. Plus - weigh in is on Thursday. I must stay good for the next few days- really good! Luckily all that work in the classroom burns some serious calories - as does playing with my boys. Here's to 2 more pounds to make it an even 20 for the summer (25 in all)....

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Anonymous said...

I just love seeing the photos and reading about the kids. Thanks for taking the time and doing this. They are so precious!
Mom S.