Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Not a Princess...

My First Day of School...
(Brian) "Ethan, go tell mommy she looks as pretty as a princess."
(Ethan) "Mommy, you are not a princess, okay?"
And thus started the 09-10 school year. That boy! Luckily, my self-confidence is doing just fine. I just won the Biggest Loser competition at work - $240 dollars! I lost just over 10% of my weight over the summer- too cool! Still a ways to go, but I'm getting there. I've been getting up at 5:30 to ride my exercise bike so that I don't end up having to miss a workout. Then, I have either a video/EA sports game or Zumba class every night (except once a week). It's amazing how it all makes me feel so much MORE energy. You'd think it'd have the opposite effect.
But, back to the important members of the family. Ethan moved up to the "big boy" class. They call it the 4s, but he and a bunch of his buddies are in there as 3's. They actually sent home his baby blanket-can't believe it! Ethan is so excited to be in Miss Karina's class- he was running all over the garage chanting her name this morning.
Lucas continues to be.... persistent... in voicing what he wants. Loudly. I think a parent last night at Open House cured me of ever wanting more kids. She said they scream louder the further down the line they get. Great.
Tonight Ethan and I worked out together (he's really good at alternating side lunges with toe touches - better than me!) and then it was time for some band practice. Brian really likes to get into the singing. Lucas runs up and shouts into the mic too, but won't stay there long enough for a picture. He is a mover, I tell you!
It was great to get to just play tonight. Did I mention how cute my boys are?

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, Brian looks real cute Katie... hahaha!!!!