Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wapato, Wapato, Oh How we Love you!

We made it! The drives were actually not that bad at all. These boys were pros! We had a great time at Wapato Point, up on Lake Chelan in WA. We stay at this resort that has lots to do and is situated right on the lake. Of course, we're not so much lake people, but love the pools, tennis, putt putt, and the views! Our first breakfast was at a blueberry farm- very cool! Lucas was super helpful at the table.
Ethan got smiley face waffles. And then refused to eat them because they had whipped cream on them. Lucas didn't mind...
Ethan LOVED playing putt-putt. He played by his own rules, of course, but it was fun nonetheless. We had to play every morning - we all improved our putting! Upa got the most hole-in-ones.
Uma and Upa got Ethan his first tennis racket and we played and played. He was really pretty good- hitting it at least half of the time. I really liked playing again too- it was fun!

Lucas got in on the putt-putt one day, but all he wanted to do was eat the rocks- not so good.... He wanted to eat everything! (except his bottle- that was outright refused.)
We played and played and played. We swam every day too- so great! Pretty much we just never stopped moving. Had Lucas slept well, it would have been perfect, but even so, it was pretty close. We finished with a great dinner and Ethan even got to learn the secrets of Upa's delicious guacamole. Yum! (ps - that would be my new favorite burger topping)

I know I'm leaving out lots- and wish I had more pictures, but I was busy! Now it's back home and staying there. School starts (work days) a week from Thursday- so I'm gearing up. Meeting today, training on next Tuesday and lots of work to get done at the school. I always start to get just the littlest bit excited at this time- fun! Not quite there yet, but I know it'll come. I hate how busy life gets, but I'm doing as much as I can to prepare us so we won't be. We're using our time at home to organize everything so we have less cleaning to do, and cooking massive dinners so we can freeze half. The first month of school is always chaotic, so the more we can do beforehand, the more quality time I'll have with the boys.

The vacation- a great way to wrap up summer!

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