Sunday, April 18, 2010

Too Much Sun?

We spent the morning playing/cleaning (them playing, me cleaning...) and then decided to get outside. I took the boys to an old park near my old school. They weren't impressed. I've created park snobs! I couldn't even get them to actually play - they just sat and drank their chocolate milk and ate cheez-its. I know - a completely healthy meal :) Sorry Jaimie Oliver- but it's a once in a while treat- I promise! Then we headed to Costco where Lucas embarrassed us to no end. Screaming tantrums whenever the samples were shared rather than giving him his own little cup of food. Luckily everyone just laughed, but my oh my.... That boy hase a temper.
Then we met up with Michelle and Ella again to go to a park out in Meridian - so cool! They had tons of stuff to climb on/play with/make music with.
Ella liked the xylophones. Lucas liked the slide. Until he bit his tongue going down - screaming ensued. That is until I realized that he wasn't really screaming out of pain (though the bloody mouth led us all to believe otherwise) but out of anger that the water bottle lid had been put back on so he couldn't get it off. That child!

Ethan was out of it - but we just kept playing and then went for pizza. Ella and Lucas liked listening to their echo in there. Until Lucas flipped his chair over. How does he do it? Ethan was complaining of being cold, but was hot, so we headed home.
The boys both had high fevers by the time we went home and Ethan was really not feeling well. I gave him some ibuprofen, lots of water (lucas too), and sent them to bed. I went in about an hour later and both boys were cool and sweaty. It really wasn't that hot out, but maybe they just weren't used to it? I guess it's good we're going to WA! Next time - Much more water and shade!
As long as the fevers stay down, we have a fun birthday party to go to today - fingers crossed! In the meantime - back to the chores. Ugh. Double Ugh.

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