Sunday, April 11, 2010

Where oh where....

I cant find he camera charger anywhere and the camera is dead dead dead, so I don't have any pictures... I really don't have anything exciting to say either. We've spent the weekend cleaning and organizing... with a side of packing. Ethan has been a HUGE help believe it or not. Lucas has been... well, entertaining. He's found all sorts of permanent markers, discovered the wheelbarrow full of water, and let me know when the dogs' bowl was empty (as he'd dumped it all over himself.)
Proud of my boys. We're working hard here and they're keeping me going. Allthough I could very well crash at some point.
Greatest news ever- My dad is coming in two weeks to help! And then again, with my mom in May. That was a huge load off.
I really have nothing witty or exciting. Maybe it'll come later. Don't put any bets on it though.

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Katie said...

phew! hope you all get some rest tonight. we can't wait for your visit. fyi - morgan has been a list friends invited to her "5 birfday" and ethan is on it. (un)fortunately - you decide! - for lucas, he didn't make the cut! :)