Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Week in Fast Forward...

Monday - we went to a Preschool Open Gym time at Zero Gravity Athletics in Poulsbo - fun and cheap! Lucas loved the hula hoops most of all - Ethan -the bars. We had a blast but it was nap time and they were ready!
Tuesday we went to the mall and saw the Easter Bunny! Lucas refused to sit without me - and would only sit on my lap if he could have a death grip on my arm. So, I'm in the picture too.... To be honest, I didn't mind - I do love holidays! Then we took Nana to Silver City for some Kids Eat Free lunch - delicious! The boys were pretty tired and Lucas was LOUD - but the company was great. Ethan loved sitting between his Uma and his Nana and reading his new Easter book the Easter Bunny gave him.
Wednesday afternoon I took Ethan to Starbucks with me for a little date and then we went and checked out a couple of daycares. All it really did was make me sadder that we're leaving the one we have, but we'll figure it out. Ethan threw a fit each time we left because he wanted to stay and play. I tried to explain that the playgrounds were just for kids who go to that daycare, but he didn't get it.
We've been working really hard at letters, and at spelling Ethan's name - and I finally found something that he liked doing! I put tape with the letters on the piano and he plunks away his name as well as other words I spell for him - fun! We even got him to write his name a few times and it looks great! So Proud!!
Thursday we were supposed to go hang out with my friend Missy and her daughter, but she had the nerve to go into labor! Welcome to the world Ben! We forgive you for crashing our playdate!
In the afternoon I took the boys to the Marine Science Center- that was a blast! They have great little touch pools and lots of tanks to look at.
Ethan loved to look, but would not touch. Lucas was fearless (except for the crab) and I had to hold him back from diving in.
My favorite was the octopus. He wasn't too active, but his tentacles moved around just enough to freak out the boys. I love octopi (sp?). Too cool of a place - and free! We did leave a donation though - they are always fighting for funding. I remember going there year after year growing up - good memories!
Friday we met Nana at McD's for an early lunch. The boys had a blast running all over there and seem to have discovered that it's fun to play with each other. They also love showing off for their Nana!
Today is lots of pre-Easter festivities - starting with the building of the Easter Bunny's house this morning - and then an Easter Egg hunt at church. Upa is coming home from South Bend and we'll be soaking up our last 24 hours here. I know it's going to be hard going back this time - but only two months and we'll be back!

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