Monday, April 26, 2010

Hard Work

We had a GREAT weekend with Upa. We got so many things done around the house... toilets resealed, garden cleaned up, laundry room scrubbed (even under the machines and inside), under my bed cleaned, lights replaced, paint touched up... the list goes on and on... and on... and on... I even got to go out with some friends on Saturday night while my dad babysat!
I also made 24 sets of dragon wings for the party. I'll paint a base coat and then the kids can decorate them and wear them at the party. Fun! I got all the party stuff bought (except the pizza) and the goody bags stuffed. I'm doing well. Now if only people will RSVP! This coming from me, who NEVER remembers to RSVP until the last minute. I cannot believe my little guy is almost 4. When did he grow up? He was making up his own verses tonight to "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?" and it just killed me! He is so big!
His version : "White door white door, what do you see? I see some pants, looking at me. Pants pants pants pants, what do you see? I see some Bob the Builder underwears looking at me." We were getting ready for bed.
Upa - we can't thank you enough! I know we were crazy over here, but I hope you know how much we appreciated you coming! We can't wait to see you again in a few weeks!

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