Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sunny Days and Funderstorms....

Sunny days means we eat outside. Less mess. Except, of course, for their faces and shirts. And then the rest of them when they go for a dive in the rain-filled wheelbarrow. Blech. Soaking wet boys, but lots and lots of giggles. It was gorgeous outside.

And then today.... I go to pick up Ethan from daycare and he says, "I can't leave yet! I want to be here for the funder and lightning mcqueen! we have to stay!"
Miss Allison and I tried to explain that the thunder would be at home too , but the boy wanted to celebrate with his buddies. Too bad.
When the storm finally hit, we went outside to check it out. Ethan- was mesmerized, cheering on thelightning especially. Lucas - kept shouting, "INSIDE!" He was not a fan. We moved to the kitchen to watch out the window and Lucas was not happy until I was sitting on the floor with him curled up in my lap, covering his ears. Dogs - not so happy as well and also both made their way to my lap (we're up to about 150 lbs between those three). Finally, Ethan felt jealous of all the love and climbed on too.
In a way, annoying, but in another way - what an awesome way to spend the evening, huddled up snuggling. My boys don't do that so often anymore. So funderstorms? You're welcome to come back anytime!

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