Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

On Saturday we headed out to my old church for an "Easter Party" - so fun! We came home with a lion...
and a Spider Face! Both boys sat so still it was nuts. Next we went and saw some bunnies - adorable! Ethan even held a baby bunny in his lap (with my hands on as well of course). Lucas giggled every time the bunny moved.
There were lots of inflatables too - Ethan really liked the racing obstacle course one. If it wasn't so wet and windy, those would have been more fun, but we kind of hid inside for awhile - balloon animals, pancakes, and cotton candy - yum!
Next was the egg hunt. Ethan was an old pro - went for the eggs with gust0! Lucas was a little more timid but quickly figured it out.
After naps Upa came home! We dyed some Easter Eggs - great fun! Lucas was oh so careful - Ethan was dropping them in as fast as he could and really liked mixing colors.
It was our last night there and the Easter Bunny did not disappoint.
The boys figured out how to open up the candy eggs quickly and had those devoured in no time.
Then the giggles began as they found all the silly places the Easter Bunny hid their eggs!
We had a delicious breakfast - a nice send-off - packed up and off we went.

"Mommy - I want Daddy to come. I don't want to go."

"I know babe. Me too. I miss him too."

"But mommy - I want my dad."

"I know, but guess what! Next time we come here, we're going to stay!"

"For a long time?"

"For a very long time - forever"

"What forever? A long long time?"

"Yep, a long long long long long long long long time."

"Okay - how many sleeps?"

"Um.... 61?"

"61! Yeah! So mommy, when we wake up after this nap, we're going back to Daddy?"


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The Johnson Fam said...

Oh how the "discussion" made me smile!! :) kids are fabulous! :)