Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday Already!

Note: Ethan now totally dresses himself.

I hope I'm coherent. I have one child sitting on my back because he's watching a movie and can't sit in my lap and watch. The other child is shrieking for something or other and keeps coming over and trying to bite me when he doesn't get what he wants. "No, Lucas, you cannot take that out of the fridge. No, we do not ned to pull out all of the dish towels." Shriek. Scream. Bite.
All amongst the chaos that is my living room/kitchen. This week has done a number on us!
My class took their state reading test today and did great- but I am now ex-haus-ted. The boys are too, though I'm not sure why- they slept great last night. Must have been nice.
My boys sure are cute though. Ethan has drawn you an alien.
And an airplane.
And Lucas is full of smiles and wonder- as long as he gets what he wants. Sorry buddy!
Ethan told me on the way home from school today. that he slept at Jess and Todd's house last night - and that it was comfy there. He also told me to "be caring to udders." My paragraphs are not working so well - I better give up while I'm ahead (am I ahead?).


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I am sure all cows would agree that you should be kind to udders. And I think it is comfy at Todd and Jess's house too!
It was great to see you all at the Easterpalooza!