Monday, June 14, 2010

Humidity becomes me.....

Sunday we headed out to DC. First stop was the National Zoo- it was 90-some degrees and sooo humid. We were all soaking wet with sweat, but that couldn't spoil our !moods! And the crazy hills at the zoo couldn't either. The kids were all troopers. I could not believe how great Cole was. He slept most of the day, and just people watched the rest of the time. He did like the cows though - as did Lucas. I couldn't get him away from them!
There was an indoor Amazonia exhibit where Ethan got up close and personal with some sort of Tamarin - I think he was a little nervous- but enjoyed it. Lucas loved the gigantic fish. They were bigger than he was and swam right up to us.
We saw the Giant Panda briefly as it came in and out of it's inside exhibit- very cool! Ethan just kept saying, "Yes!"
Lucas was out by the time we were done. It was a great nap and made lots of passersby smile.

And most of all, we just liked hanging out with our Auntie and cousin.

We headed down to the "Mall" and walked around to take in some sights.
Lucas enjoyed seeing his future workplace (the White House).
We stopped by the WA Monument, the WW2 Memorial, and saw a few others in the distance.
Such a great day - but we were soooo tired by the end of it.
The subway back was lots of snuggles and giggles - all happy kids!

The ride went quickly with all of Ethan's stories, Cole's smiles, and Lucas' shrieks.
We got home and all showered off the layers and layers of sunscreen and sweat. We shared some super messy ice cream sandwiches and tried to keep a now great feeling lucas out of everything. This morning brought lots of hugs and sad goodbyes - but off we went to our next trip.

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Jessica said...

Humidity, UGH!!! I can't believe we are headed to that neck of the woods soon, YIKES! Have fun!