Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Step by Step....

We're finally catching up on sleep around here (or trying to anyway), so here goes another day of our trip... The Boston Children's Museum!
We started off with lunch in the eating space... Lucas would not stay put, so I put him in time out in the stroller. He slid himself down as far as he could go and pushed himself across the floor. That boy!
The construction zone was our first stop. Lucas loves dressing up - and that makes me happy - I mean look at this picture!! How can that not make your day?
Of course, trying to arrange them in a photo proved to be a problem. Lucas was not a fan.
There was a really cool Blue Man Group exhibit where they got to play some neat instruments.
I know everyone there enjoyed the rendition of "Wonder Pets" thoroughly. Well, I know for sure they heard it anyway - it was loud! These guys are definitely performers.
Johnny's Workbench was pretty awesome too. Again, the dressing up ones make me so happy!
The kids worked forever at the various tool stations - felt pretty big I think.
And this may be my favorite picture of Morgan, ever.
We headed over to Arthur's world and Lucas recognized him right away - gave him a big hug.
Maddie liked riding on Arthur's airplane - though with Ethan and Morgan in the cockpit, I'm not sure how!
Lucas loved the big chess set - all of a sudden I heard "NEIGH" and he was trying to climb on the horses - hilarious.
Exhaustion abounded, as well as tempers, but we had a ball. We came home and the kids helped me make calzones for dinner - though with no rolling pin or Kitchen Aid, it was a bit of a different experience. Luckily there was a good bottle of wine to help with the rolling.
The rest of the day was pretty quiet. Or so we thought. We heard Morgan calling from the bathroom. Lucas had unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper.
I rolled it back up and we all enjoyed the extra fluffy roll for the next few days. A whirlwind, I tell you~ !

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