Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekends are meant for fun.

The boys really don't get to see Daddy much during the week - so the weekend is the time to really soak up that quality time! Saturday morning, we woke up and headed to the waterfront for a shared donut from the bakery, some coffee, and then a picnic lunch - amidst the Nordic Midsummer Fest - very exciting. I thought Ethan'd be excited, as these guys were far closer to pirates than the pilgrims were - but alas, none too impressed.
We hit the Marine Science Center just in time to see the Octopus eat - that was so cool! He normally just sleeps in the corner, so seeing him fly (swim) across the tank after the crab was awesome. And then the crab was no more. Except a few pieces of shell.
Then it was off to Toy Story 3 - so funny! Especially the parts with the toddler room - reminded us of our toddler (who took a nap instead of seeing the movie).
The next day we did church (so much fun to see old friends!) and then drove over to the KidiMu. The boys loved showing it all to Daddy, but mostly just the electric car.
Ethan had fun spying on people too - with his "spotting scope".
A fabulous dinner - kabobs- with the 'rents and then off to bed to get ready for a sooo exciting Monday. We spent the morning with my high school friend, Ruth, and her adorable family at a park in town. So funny to see the similarities and differences of our kids! And the baby (7 wks) was just adorable!
Then - it was finally time!
Swimming lessons! Ethan was a great listener. And he even serenaded his class waiting for his turn with the teacher. The goggles were my favorite part. He looks good in goggles.
He had so much fun and was just enthralled that his teacher was "a boy!" Then Upa and Uma snatched him up and took the boys to a BBQ while I went to salsa lessons. The boys - were fabulously behaved and shined beautifully. Apparently they are only naughty when I'm there! And my dance lessons - a lot of fun and a great workout -I loved it!
So yeah, we're keeping busy.

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