Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stuuuupid Boxes

I can't find the camera cord. It's in some box, somewhere.... I think it's in one of the boxes that brian has to unpack - so it might be awhile.... But I do have one from my phone. (sorry it's blurry)Speaking of boxes. I hate them, hate them, hate them, hate them. Especially because most either have "random" or "stuff" written on them. Not helpful. Not at all! And yes, I realize I'm the one that wrote it, but I am still just as irritated.
But, we're having fun romping around the yard with the dogs - the boys have been getting filthy, muddy every day - and loving every second. I've never seen so much laundry though. And I already bought myself a pair of boots- they help... Ethan's favorite outside activity is to flying down the hill on his power wheels type bike at a million miles an hour. It's all grass, so I figure he can't get too injured. Lucas just loves picking up anything and everything and climbing into the new fort. He also loves finding bugs and then screaming and running and hiding.
I filled out all my paperwork for my new job - I'm official! I go in tomorrow to meet the staff and learn about the program. I'm excited/nervous/anxious to get started.

And then Friday we're off to Maryland and then Massachussetts!!!! We get to go meet our nephew, Cole, first - and spend the weekend with him and his mommy. Then the boys and I fly to see our favorite redheaded nieces in Boston. So exciting! I can't wait to bring this crazy crew on the airplane. I'm sure we'll make lots of friends.... (note the sarcasm).
I'm going to have to force Brian to go through those boxes before our trip. The question is, do I bring it up before or after we watch Glee?


VDoty said...

It is all a blurr right now, but it's all good. I miss your laugh already. Nampa still hasn't dried out, ugh! and more rain is heading our way. Have a wonderful trip east and well catch up when you get back.

angie said...

So excited to see you!

joven said...

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