Saturday, June 26, 2010

Where Have We Been?

Catching up on sleep.... Hanging out with Nana...... Celebrating Fathers... (Happy Father's Day Babe - we are so thankful for you! And to be with you again!!)

Playing in the backyard on the totally cool playset Uma and Upa built....
Going on bear hunts in our backyard woods...
Getting haircuts (that totally make Lucas the spitting image of Daddy!)... Hanging out at Starbucks...
And doing everything "BY MYS SELF!" Like making the "perfet cheese bread." (And he did it totally by himself - besides cutting the bread. He just announced in the car that he could make cheesebread to go with our spaghetti and I went with it. He did want to add an egg and I vetoed that, but otherwise- impressive!)
Life is starting to return to a sense of... well normalcy isn't the right word, but the concept is... My parents were gone all week, so the boys and I settled in and tried to figure out this new adventure of ours. Ethan is now signed up for a couple of daycamps throughout July and most excitingly - swim lessons that start Monday! I also start Salsa dancing lessons on Monday! For that I am a mixture of nervous and excited. Mostly excited.
The best part of it all - hanging out with my family and Nana - so good for us!
Oh and super exciting? Ethan has discovered letters and has decided he'd like to learn to read so he can read "mommy and daddy's books". He really only knew his uppercase letters a couple days ago, but his interest in spelling everything in sight has led to him learning pretty much all the lowercase letters in just a day or two! His favorite activity right now is saying "I can spell __________" and then reading you the letters. He also knows most of the sounds - I don't know where this interest came from, all of a sudden, but I'm certainly capitalizing on it! All my primary teacher friends - tricks for learning the letter U - we can't seem to get that one... Obviously, I'm having a lot of fun working with him on this!
Today starts our weekend - and with Brian's job, this is really the only time the boys have with him, so we're super excited for lots of quality time. Plans include Toy Story 3 - the Poulsbo waterfront and Marine Science Center, and who knows from there - but lots of hugs/cuddles/snuggles for sure.

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