Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Don't Jinx it!!

So, we decided to move Lucas into Ethan's room today. Mostly so we can have a playroom to keep all of their junk in and because with the futon and crib in Lucas' room, it was packed. We never really played in either room, so hopefully this will create a place for the boys to hang out. I'll have to put some pics on tomorrow- too tired to do it now :)
The first five minutes or so Ethan kept yelling to us with a play by play of Lucas' actions... paci out, rolling over, looking at me.... you get the drift. But now it seems they're both asleep - here's hoping for a good night!
Brian and I started listening to Twilight today (book on tape - er digital recording) while we cleaned- very cool! Oh, and by cleaning, I mean shifting and moving things, but not actually cleaning. That'll have to be another day...
Ethan was so excited to go to bed tonight- to share his room- he went in early. It's fun to see him so excited to share.
I don't think I'm making much sense tonight. That would be because I did a 3 mile walk, moved lots of furniture, zumba class, and swim workout. Then I shopped all over Walmart and Costco. So you can see, there's just not much brain power left :)

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