Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Off and Running!

We left ID Monday - oh so early - and drove here to my parents' house in WA - "the Park". Ethan and Lucas have been going nuts running all over and my mother is enjoying being my personal trainer. Walking is a whole other thing with these hills! Tonight we got to have a very special pre-birthday celebration with my Nana - very fun! The boys were in fine form - especially once the balloons came out. We had a great time hitting the balloons all over and even tossing them over the stair railing - very safe, I assure you!
Lucas has been very tired, but a trooper. He warmed up to everyone fairly quickly after being initially freaked out. Now he doesn't want to leave Uma or Upa's arms. Well, he really doesn't want to leave the toy vacuum. He and it are now best friends. If only it actually worked! We could use that...
We went swimming in a little wading pool, hiked through the woods, ran to walmart 5 or 6 times, played the piano, read books, NEVER STOPPED MOVING. That's the theme of this family I think.
Tomorrow we leave at 330 in the morning for IN to go and see my Baboo!!! For those of you not in-tuned to my family's special language- that's my dad's dad - out in South Bend, Indiana. We're getting ready for a big party- 4th of July with all 20 of us on that side. I am so excited I can hardly contain myself! I am so not looking forward to getting up that early- but totally worth it! Plus, having 2 extra laps on the plane is going to be really nice - like really really nice. Fun fun fun! Can you tell how excited I am?

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Amber said...

South Bend is only about 45 minutes from us! Too bad we're on our way to CA the day you arrive here. It would've been nice to see you guys and let the boys meet!