Friday, June 12, 2009


My camera is still being ridiculous - going to give it a try tomorrow and then decide if we have to get another one. Uck! I love having an orange camera!
The boys LOVE sharing a room. Ethan begs to go to sleep - as long as Lucas is there too. And he's so patient. Lucas cried for 30 minutes tonight. He didn't want to sleep, he wanted to play! And Ethan just laid there patiently, waiting it out. Such a good boy! In the morning they get up and shriek at each other and giggle while we pretend to still be asleep in bed (though brian can actually go back to sleep - not me!)
We played hard today. Lucas is pulling himself all over the house, though not too fast yet, so it's kind of nice. Ethan has discovered that he really likes having a brother to play with. And they LOVE their playroom. They both will play by themselves in there for a good chunk of time, though we usually end up in there playing too.
Other than that, Lucas got his third tooth and it was a doozy! He finally seems to be feeling better and that is a GOOD thing. I hate seeing him in pain.
Tomorrow is one of Ethan's good friend's birthday parties. It's a swimming party so he is so excited! I'm just cringing over the fact that it's right in nap time again. We will survive and probably have lots of fun in the meantime, I'm sure.
I'm off to go do my third workout. 30 Day Shred tonight, I think. And then... I am so going to bed. Well, probably not...

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