Friday, June 26, 2009

A Trip to the Ducks...

It's been a nutso week- culminating in a nutso day today- as Brian was gone all afternoon at a movie and all evening at work... And I lost my voice (like completely) 2 days ago, not good... But we did have a fun morning together- visiting our local duck population.

Ethan practiced his pitching arm. He loved throwing the bread way way out and watching the ducks swim really fast to get it. I've never seen such fast ducks!
We gave Lucas some bread too...
He decided it was better if he just ate it...
Ethan got a ride for part of the way. He loved it way up high- until he smacked into some tree branches...
"Why are you making me sit here?"
"Oh, what are these?"
"Here little duckies..."

Don't worry, I saved the baby ducks. And managed to catch Lucas before he went over the side of the hill into the creek... When will I learn? All in all, a fun walk. We have the other half of the loaf to go and do tomorrow. We found lots more further down, after our bread was gone, so Ethan promised them we'd be back soon.

Oh, and Lucas got a 5th tooth- good for him! Maybe that is why sleeptime has been stinky? I hope! I want my good sleeper back! He has become quite adept at crawling and at pulling himself up. He goes all over the house now - fabulous!

Ethan got his second level prize for the library reading program today- a ticket to the Boise Hawks baseball game! We're excited! And if you go on a Tuesday night, one of the players reads a book to the kids before the game - too cool! I'm very proud of him- he loves loves loves to read. He actually picked out some cute books from the library this week that I'm enjoying reading. Last week- not so much :)

And now, on to workout #3 of the day. Oh the days of lounging around in the evening watching tv.... But hey, it's coming- slowly but surely!

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