Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day will be Redone....

Happy Father's Day Brian! You are a fabulous daddy- too bad the boys were STINKERS today. Give us another chance on Friday, k?
Nap time has become a disaster. Lucas can now pull himself up, so he stands up and jumps and squeals while Ethan de-blankets the bed and tries to climb up the walls feet-first. They do NOT sleep. Awesome. Finally after fighting with them for an HOUR. I moved Ethan into my bed and then they both slept. Ethan slept for two hours, woke up, ate dinner, asked to go to bed an hour after he woke up. So.... not really the Father's Day one dreams of, right? Take two on Friday!

Yesterday we got to go to my friend Michelle's house for a water slide party. Ethan loved Miss Ella- just cooed at her and gave her lots of smiles. Lucas tried to scratch her eyes out - he is so charming! Ethan absolutely loved the gigantic slide- though he was terrified of the sprinklers at first. Some girls helped him up once and then he was in love! Up and over, up and over- so much fun! Lucas liked watching, but all those bigger kids kind of made him nervous.

We had the McConnels over for dinner last night- and had lots of fun with the boys. They really are going to be an exhausting lot when they are a bit bigger- I can see it starting now. Lucas, again, pulled Liam's socks off- what is that obsession? Ethan made Todd read him 45 books (ok, it was 3) before bed - and fun was had by all.
Today Ethan decided to go to church ready to help - really got into the whole "Church Without Walls" thing we did a while back. Actually, it's just his obsession with Bob the Builder has taken over. "Can we fix it? Yes we can!" He calls the toolbelt a "seatbelt", the hammer a "pound", and the pliers "cutters". You can tell how handy we are at our house.
And Lucas, sweet Lucas. This corner is now his favorite. He loves cords. He crawls so fast now, and every time I turn around, he has made his way back to the computer desk. He can even pull himself up on the door. Everytime I say "no" he grins and giggles- unlike this baby...

Remember when I thought Lucas was so calm and sweet? Good grief. He never stops shrieking and bouncing. I am going to have my hands full. He IS really a happy kid though- unless you have to pry him away from his precious cords. Sheesh... time for increased baby-proofing I suppose :)
This week is crazy busy as I have Summer School Monday and Tuesday, meeting with a personal trainer Monday afternoon, leadership meeting on Tuesday, and a conference all day Wednesday and Thursday... All this while packing for our big trip next week. We're driving to Seattle and then flying to Indiana for a good ol' family reunion with my Baboo (that's grandpa to those of you not in-the-know) and all my relatives on my Daddy's side. Exciting! But first- this crazy week :)

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Sarah said...

nice... baby Jesse gets a cameo in your blog!