Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Yes, I know it's fuzzy, but he's movin! He doesn't go real far yet, but he's definitely army-crawling his way forward. My Big Boy!!!
And, I am done for the summer (besides summer school)... So exciting!! These last few days went great- fabulous graduation, and lots of fun times with the kids. My favorite was running the halls at the end of the day today- great fun!
And then I came home to these guys- so cute! This is Ethan's "Princess". He twirled around for me- very funny!

And this one- so cute! He loved his mac and cheese at dinner and then had so much fun in the bath, he didn't want to get out.

I am so looking forward to snuggling them like crazy this summer! I have a work day tomorrow (a whole lot of cleaning!) and then other errands, but I"M DONE!!!

And Ethan is SO excited for me!

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