Monday, June 15, 2009

Tickle Wars and a Prize!

Ethan picked up his first library prize today- for 10 days of reading. He got a free kid's meal at Applebee's and a whistle that was incredibly obnoxious, but thankfully fell apart.
Lucas did not sleep at all today at daycare. His teacher said he was in a great mood- even played with Claire (he usually wants no one around him when he plays). Tooth #4 must have been the lucky one!
Tonight we played around on the floor with the boys- tickling and passing a ball around. It was really fun. Roughousing is really fun - until someone starts crying, but no one today! Just fun time rolling around.
I started summer school today - only 4 kids in each of the 2 groups I did. EASY. Fun! Then I got to take the school card to Barnes and Noble to spend a bunch of money on books- very FUN! Then, tonight was Zumba (aerobics) class and now I'm exhausted.
My favorite time of the day? When we put the boys to bed, Lucas WOULD NOT lay down. Every time we put him down, he'd roll over, and try to pull himself up - to start jumping up and down. It was frustrating, as we wanted them to go to bed, but it was so funny, Ethan and I could not stop laughing. He was so proud of himself for getting up on his knees, giggling away. It makes me smile just thinking about it :)

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