Saturday, January 23, 2010

Adventures in Baking

The last half of this week flew by. Insane to be sure. I'm not sure what we even did on Thursday... I had soe great days at school - such a fun class - and then Friday, the boys and I worked on making homemade granola bars. Not sure they're a ton healthier than the store bought ones, but a lot less ingredients - more natural, I suppose.
The ones with peanut butter didn't really stick together- more like granola clumps.... but they're sticky. The ones with brown sugar stuck fine, almost too sticky....
The nutrigrain bars turned out great - though I didn't follow the recipe exactly and should have - a little too bready... But Lucas loves them and they actually turned out less calories and sugar than the real thing. I used sugar-free preserves in the filling. So now I can feed these to Lucas and not worry about him having too much sugar and us going broke over them!

Today we had a play date with one of Ethan's friends from daycare. She has the nicest mommy ever - invited us all over and we played and played! Then we went to Wendy's for lunch. Ethan and his friend were just giggly and had a great time. Lucas tried to destroy the restaurant, but what's new. My favorite trick of his was when he chucked his sprite over his head.
When we were leaving, the two big kids were holding hands. Ethan was wiggling all around, so she shouted, "Ethan - FOCUS!" I loved it. She's very assertive. He needs that :)
All I want to do is go lay down under my heated blanket and catch up on TV. And so, I'm putting off the chores until morning and doing just that!

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