Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oxygen is Good

"He's so handsome and so... smart"
"No mom. You doing it wrong. I'm so handsome and so SWEET."
"Well, you are smart too... and strong... and caring..."
"Yep, I like carrying big stuff. I good at that."
Yesterday... Our one big outing was to Costco for lunch. That was a total success - as always. Nothing is better for toddlers than a new food around every corner. Their favorite - surprisingly - was a multigrain cracker with cream cheese and smoked salmon. They loved it! Not fair to me since that meant I didn't get very much. I don't like to share the good stuff! Another highlight - the popchips - fascinating! And delicious. However, too expensive to be logical...
The rest of the day we went stir crazy. By evening time, we'd all lost it. So, early to bed and prayers for a good night's sleep for all of us! (Most of all me)
Today, I decided we needed more planned. So (after the world's most ridiculously stupid and long tantrum over putting a shirt on) I packed up the boys early and we drove out to church. We were super early since I was hoping they'd sleep, so I pulled into Tulley's and treated myself. The boys were fabulous at church and then, because it was SO sunny (!) we headed off for the zoo. We're members, so it's a good place to hang out, as long as it's not too cold that is.
We had such an awesome afternoon. Lucas is finally old enough to really interact with the animals and boy did he. He mimicked their sounds and shouted "HIII-EEE" to all of them.
Ethan loved the lions - as always.... They were pretty sleepy, but they did start "Roar"-ing and Ethan and Lucas gave it right back.
It was cold, but with the sun shining and no wind to speak of, we weren't uncomfortable at all. I got a bit of a workout pushing the stroller around. We just enjoyed each other- something important after yesterday!
In the rainforest, the monkeys were very active! They kept coming right up to the glass. Lucas was kind of freaked out by it at first, but by the end, the boys were both giving hugs through the glass.
They even posed nicely for a picture - who woulda thunk it? Maybe we all just needed a bit of fresh air.
Ethan tried really hard to make friends with a little girl on the slide. She wanted nothing to do with him though. Luckily, he just kept bossing her around and didn't even realize she wasn't paying attention.
The boys spent some time digging for fossils and probably would have stayed all day if I hadn't gotten bored. Note to self: Bring book to read next time.
They were so good - but we were pretty hungry because the food stands weren't open (I did get the lady to get me a soft pretzel), so I promised the boys if they took a nap in the car, we'd go someplace special. They did, so off we went to Buffalo Wild Wings. We had a totally healthful (yes, sarcasm) meal of french fries and mini corndogs. The boys were yet again wonderful - which continued (mostly) until bedtime. Yep, I think a bit of fresh air did us all good. Let that be a lesson to me - GIVE THE KIDS RECESS THIS WEEK!

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Katie said...

Glad to see you guys are holding up! I'm going to try to give Morgan some fresh air...actually school is today. Maybe we'll try tomorrow...good to know!!