Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chuck and Cheese

Where better to go after church on a snowy/rainy Sunday morning than "Chuck and Cheese's". And so we did. We'd spent the majority of the weekend cleaning and chore-ing, so we decided we needed to be out of the house for the remainder of the day. The pizza was terrible, but the games were fun. And the boys are still little enough that 35 tokens goes a very long way past their attention spans.
Lucas loved all the little rides. He wasn't too sure about Barney singing to him, but he really liked the rocket that took him up and down.
We played a little Dance Dance Revolution, but it really didn't go well. So we just hopped around for our turn. I really couldn't figure it out; Brian just shook his head and stood idly by.

Lucas was kind of posessive of the game after we were finished - felt he had dominated!
Afterwards we ran a few errands, spent some time at the Boise Library so I could get ready for my reading groups, and then ended our fun weekend at Goodies in Hyde Park. We went there a lot in college- was kind of fun to take the boys though we left such a mess I don't know if they'll invite us back....
It was hard (of course) to say good-bye to daddy, but the tears were gone by the time we hit the highway. And now we are ready for the next 12 days. I have lots of goodies baked, the dishes are done and put away, every bit of laundry is done (even the boys' sheets and coats), and I have a brand new chore chart for Ethan. He told me he'd like a car (hotwheels type thing) and so now he's going to earn it. My favorite way to earn a sticker is the "no tantrums all day" column. That should help us all.
Off to bed - still feeling somewhat healthier and coming along. Praying for continued getting-better-ness. I just tried to eat some garden salsa chips and I'd say my throat is not yet at 100%. Here's looking to a great week!

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Katie said...

Morgan says, "Hey Ethan! Let's go play!"