Friday, January 1, 2010

A Smashing End to the Year

I was all set up to do a fabulously nostalgic post about the good, the bad, and the ugly of 2009, but life got in the way. I picked up the boys from daycare yesterday. It was snowing and when I slowed down to turn into the neighborhood, we slid up onto a median and into a rock fountain. It wasn't horrible - not bad enough for airbags - and luckilyour neighbor (who happens to do a lot of mechanic-ing) was driving by and checked it out and helped tow us off the ledge. We made it home and everyone seemed fine. Then an hour later Lucas started throwing up. So, Brian came home and took us all to the ER to get checked. The doctor saw nothing of concern -thinks the vomiting was just coincidental (I so did not agree) and discharged us. Lucas took some anti-naseau meds and has been fine since, albeit sleepy. I'm sore, but feeling better the more I move around. What a fun way to end the year? Blech!
Brian moves to WA Sunday morning - it's all still somewhat surreal... I am so so so excited for him. It's going to be wild ride around here, but the boys showed me tonight that we are fully capable of getting through this together. They both are becoming so independent (to their own levels) and helpful (ok, just Ethan on that one..)
2009? It was a great year in that my boys became so big and started really being brothers. For me, my transition into my new school really became complete and I feel like I gained a lot as a teacher. For Brian? He gained a lot of patience and perseverance. He never gave up and now we look forward to 2010! A year of transition, a year of strength, a year of Skype and phones, and a year of hope. Bring it on 2010 - we expect big things of you!

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Pat & Valerie Berg said...

Yikes on that accident Katie! Wow - so glad you all didn't get real hurt. And congrats on Brian's job - so is it permanently in Seattle or just for awhile?