Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Ever-Changing Eye...

"You crazy?" (Ethan's new favorite phrase)
I forgot to mention Lucas' eye in my last post. Yep, it's a shiner. Another boy in his class was getting a toy down and whacked Lucas in the eye. He is always in the wrong spot at the wrong time, I swear! It hasn't seemed to bother him though - just looks really pretty - kind of like purple eyeshadow. The boys love brushing their teeth. It might be the highlight of their evening and morning (how boring are we!) But, we know and are ever reminded, routines are key, and so it has become quite the event. We've figured out a schedule to Skype with Brian (first thing in the morning) and that seems to help. We also made a paper chain for the days until we see him (by "made a paper chain" I mean we found the paper chain they made at daycare for Christmas and adapted it to the right # of days).
Brian got two job offers here in Boise today - kind of funny. They would have been "settling" jobs, so it's really better he didn't get the offers earlier. I keep telling myself that :)
I'm excited to go to school tomorrow - Micron is coming to do a "States of Matter" demonstration for the kids. I know there'll be dry ice and I figure some sort of fun explosions, so that should be a good stress release.

Oh - and if you want a giggle - here's what we ate this week:
Monday - Grilled Cheese with Spaghetti Sauce
Tuesday - Happy Meals from McDonald's (Thanks Santa Nana!)
Wednesday - Cereal with Raisins
Thursday - Bagel Bites and Apple Sauce

Will I ever cook again? I keep flashing back to when my mom went back to school and my dad was home with us - we ate hot dogs and corn or pancakes just about every night. I loved it!

And another thing? There was a dead, frozen mouse in our driveway. I freaked out about it and was so happy the next morning when it was gone. Then, I came back after school and WAS BACK. So, I cleaned it up. I sucked it up and just did it. I'm kind of proud of myself. Now I'm just praying there will be no spiders over the next 5 months.

And now that you have my random thoughts (you'll be getting many more of these posts I fear as I don't have much adult interaction in the evenings) I should probably stop talking. I'm even driving myself crazy :)