Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Fabulous Weekend

It started with a crazy airplane ride with two very silly (and not so nice to their mother) boys. We survived and made it easily to the light rail. That was really cool - Ethan was fascinated by the workings of it. Lucas did NOT want to sit still, but finally gave me some peace while he ate Apple Jacks. Meeting Daddy at the end of the light rail was SO great! The boys lit up and were so so so excited to see him. We trekked in the cold wet air down to the ferry where we had a delicious (and whoops, high calorie) dinner at World Wraps. It was Aloha Friday - and there were people there giving out leis. I loved it!
The ferry boat was fun. Lucas went through two diapers and Ethan had to go potty. And I just sat and smiled. It was a nice "welcome back to reality" for Brian! Mostly the boys were just thrilled to be snuggling with their Daddy.

Trying to pose nice never goes well anymore... never both at the same time.
More excitement as Upa met us at the ferry and Uma at the house a short car ride later. We were all exhausted and went to sleep - sleeping better than any of us had in quite a while!
The next day we got to have Happy Hour with Nana - that was great fun! We love our Nana so much! Lucas was excited to tell her all of his new "words". Ethan showed off his puzzle skills.
They both ate a TON of cheese and crackers - just like their Daddy. That worked out well because it left lots of smoked salmon for me!
We played games and laughed a lot as Brian tried ever-so-hard to actually play this game with sticks- it was a race before the boys destroyed it!
Then it was date night! We went to Whiskey Creek and had a blast. Live music, delicious food, and lots and lots of laughs. Brian refused to dance (and no, no one else was dancing, but we could have started it!)

Sunday we went for a "hike" around my parents' backyard. The boys loved getting lost in the wods, and searching for animals. We didn't really find any, but they liked looking. We spent the day just hanging out as a family - fabulous! Monday morning was a sad good-bye to Daddy - but we softened the blow a bit by heading to the Boeing Museum of Flight.

The boys got to climb in real airplanes (yes, I realize they have climbed in many real airplanes, but not like this!) and do flight simulations and all sorts of stuff. It was fascinating to look around, though there was way too much for their (or my) little brains to handle. We had a lot of fun - neat place!
Pretty soon it was time to say good-bye to Uma and Upa too. Ethan kept begging to stay "forever"! He didn't understand why we couldn't just stay with Daddy. Broke my heart.
The airport was an adventure. They were rowdy little boys - and not so happy to sit in the stroller! We shared a mini cheese pizza and they rolled around on the floor much to the delight of the other passengers. The airplane went fine except they were LOUD. And at night flights are usually nice and quiet. Not this one. Sorry folks! They did enjoy when Ethan announced that "Only BOYS can go to Boise! Not GIRLS!" And then he told them "My mom SAID!" No, I did not....
And now we're home - and 22 hours later we're missing Daddy, but counting down until he comes here (11 sleeps till the boys see him!). What fun!


Anonymous said...

Loved the picture of you and Brian. You look great, Katie!

Katie said...

Sounds like a superb trip!! So happy for you guys! Morgan is missing Ethan like crazy! Talks about how "Efan her cousin" is different from "Efan her friend from school." Too funny!!