Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blue Skies

Oh these boys they make me happy! As does the sunshine, and getting things done... And people doing nice things for me - that's pretty great too!
This weeks been tough, but today was great. It didn't start great, but by the end of the day I have my application for WA certification ready to be proofed by my mama, my fingerprinting in the mail, and tired boys from playing in the sun.
Ethan spent the morning with me in 5th grade. He woke up with crusty eyes, and so got rejected (nicely) by daycare. So, I just took the afternoon off and prayed he'd do well in my room. He did. The kids loved playing with him and he enjoyed being the center of attention. He did announce to everyone that he needed to go potty and hook/unhook the tetherball 20 million times, but overall, he wasn't an issue at all. That was good. That way I only had to leave my kids for 1/2 day - much easier. And so we came home and I made great headway on all I had to get done.

And then we went to the park and Ethan learned to jump off the slide. Lucas ran all over but wouldn't slide by himself - only with Ethan or me holding on tight.
And then Lucas discovered the chapstick. Gross. I don't think I'll use it anymore. It'll probably end up in the trash anyway...

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