Tuesday, March 9, 2010

He'll mess it up...

The day started with a WHOLE night's sleep for all of us! That's right - no nightmares, no crying, no vomiting, no anything but SLEEP. I forgot how good that feels!
Then it was off to daycare where Ethan had this argument with his teacher:
"Okay boys and girls, what day is today? Today is the 9th!"
"No Miss Karina. Today is McDonald's day."
"Well, the day is the 9th Ethan."
"Yes Ethan. You're going to McDonald's today, but it's the 9th."
"I told you. It's McDonald's day."
And it was. The boys enjoyed their Happy Meals...

And I enjoyed them not messing up my....
Beautifully clean house! It was soooo nice to come home to everything smelling and looking so good. They even folded the toilet paper into a point! Ethan was a little worried though, :
"Lucas is going to get it all messed again."
"Yep, he probably is. And I bet you will too."
"Well... yeah. Just a little bit."
He was so excited that they made his bed. I'm not sure he knew what to do with himself. Me neither.
And now it's on to bills, grades, updating this and that... but hey - no cleaning to do!!

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