Friday, March 5, 2010

An Update...

Not much to say except that everyone here remains healthy for 24 hours now. It might be a new record. We even made it to Costco for our fabulous Friday night dinner of churro and cheese pizza (and to think I won the biggest loser competition this week...). We used to just get the cheese pizza (1 slice) and share it, but Ethan has decided to start a growth spurt and is out eating me at every meal. His teacher told me he ate 4 plates worth at daycare today. Sheesh kiddo... I see large grocery bills in my future... good thing we're moving in with my parents :)!!
Lucas was in great spirits and even showed off in the car that he can "neigh" like a horse. Really loud. For a really long time. He definitely does not have attention span issues. And Ethan sang us a song he made up. Really loud. For a really long time. It waslike battle of the bands - who could be louder. Excuse me while I go hide in a quiet closet for a while.
We're trying out the gym daycare tomorrow morning - I didn't get a babysitter lined up, but since they'll be together, I think they'll do okay. Fingers crossed anyway. Hopefully Lucas will mind his manners. He got in trouble for chewing out his teacher today. Apparently she wasn't fast enough with the crackers and he just let her have it. No one knows what he actually said, but I'm sure it was bad.
My boys are charming.
Thanks for the encouragement friends! I needed it.

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