Friday, March 19, 2010

Brotherly Love

"I'll tell you a story - K?"
"I'd love to hear a story."
"Once a time, there was an OLD steam engine."
"You already told me that one, do you have another one?"
"Well, I haven't written that yet. Hold on."
(He proceeds to type in the air, as on a touch-screen computer, beeping, sliding, etc., and mumbling to himself "Oooh, that's a good one. Nope, not that one, oh okay, here's one.)
"Once a time, there was a... a... ooold car."
The story went on, but I couldn't get over the typing in the air thing. Where did that come from? I wish I had it taped. This boy is definitely unique! It really seemed like he was using some super high tech computer in front of him - and the sound effects - priceless! Lucas and I were enthralled. And now we ask for a story every night - and yes, the whole scene is repeated, though the main character changes to something else "ooooold". (No, not me)

The boys have discovered how much fun it is to play together. Of course, one of them is crying within a few minutes, but then they just go back to playing. Even Duke is a good sport.
So many giggles. Tears too. But mostly giggles. We've been working with Ethan on how to spell his name. He just really doesn't have any interest, so I'm trying to give him some. Miss Karina showed me today that he wrote his name in class, when she held up each letter for him to draw. It looks great. It's written right to left and all the letters are mirror images, but still!

My friend at school had the great idea of bringing home some masking tape and making his name on the floor- so he can jump on it, trace it with his feet, whatever. We did play a sort of hopscotch, but then decided to cover the E in cars. (And yes, Ethan will now only wear his sweatshirt backwards. He puts it on - everytime- pulls the hood up over his face and laughs like a hyena. Yep.)
It was very cool - but obviously did not last long. As I said, giggles, tears, brotherly love.

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